fredag 19 september 2014


Så här såg jag ut igår på "Mikä Viini" vin tastingen (och på jobbet också för den delen). Jeans/kavaj/topp Zara, scarf Acne, heels Tiger of Sweden, väska Saint Laurent.

This is what I looked like yesterday at the "Mikä Viini" wine tasting (and also my look wt work). Jeans/blazer/top Zara, scarf Acne, heels Tiger of Sweden, bag Saint Laurent.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love your scarf! What was the price of it? I am very sorry that we don´t have ACNE in our country.. Regards from Prague Martina

    1. Hi Martina! Thanks a lot, I like it too :) I bought in Denmark last weekend and it was a bit more expensive there, about 135 €. In Finland it costs about 120 €. Can you order it from Acne's website, do they ship to Prague? Have a great weekend! /Jennie